Co-Design and Co-Production


Co-Production and Co-Design: Does this new form of partnership hold the key to radically change how public services are delivered in Northern Ireland?

Co-Design and Co-Production are concepts that are growing in profile. They will require embracing and adapting an approach that shifts beyond engagement and places citizens at the centre of the design and delivery of key services.  The end result, it creates, fosters and leverages collective ownership.

The policy symposium jointly facilitated on 17 June 2015 by CollaborationNI and Volunteer Now, provided an opportunity to learn from models of good practice in England and Wales and to piece together the projects and work that has been achieved within Northern reland.  

The symposium heard from a number of different speakers, who had experience in the co-design and co-production process and were given an opportunity to tell their story and share their experiences.  The speakers were:

  • Becky Booth, Chief Executive Officer, Spice;
  • Kathy Martin, Pathways to Health Project Manager, Community Development and Health Network);
  • Dr. Peter Doran and John Woods, Carnegie Trust, Health and Wellbeing Framework;
  • Wendy Osborne, Chief Executive Officer, Volunteer Now; and
  • Dr. Colin Sullivan, Director of Strategic Policy and Reform, Department of Finance and Personnel.

A report from the seminar is now available for download.