Local Government Reform

The current local government reforms are the biggest changes to local government since 1972. The process started in 2002 and has resulted in 11 new Super Councils which will assume the majority of their new powers on the 1st April 2015

Under this reform local councils take control of a range of issues which were previously the responsibility of the Assembly including local planning functions, off-street parking, local economic development, community development, urban regeneration and community planning.

The Department of the Environment was tasked with legislating for the changes and has stated “the new councils will be stronger, more efficient and will deliver more effective services. They will be citizen focused, responding to the needs, aspirations and concerns of their communities.  In partnership with others, they will guide the future development of their areas”

This hub will collate key documents and information in relation to local government reform and post details of events and consultation.


A Trip to the Dentist – Embracing the challenge of change in Northern Ireland

Working in CollaborationNI, I am constantly reminded that one of the biggest challenges facing the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors is the challenge of change.  Facing it can feel as unwanted as a trip to the dentist.

Seven steps to success in local government reform?

Focusing on something bigger!

Facing the challenge of Local Government Reform in Causeway Coast and Glens with Seven Steps to Success?

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