Survey of those shielding or supporting those shielding

3 Jun 2020 Seamus McAleaveyCOVID19 UpdatesNo Topics

How is shielding affecting people and those supporting them? The Patient Client Council wants to find out.

Alliance Contracting - Building New Collaborations

8 Nov 2016 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Alliance Contracting, is this the answer to radically change how public services are delivered through a partnership between Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector and the Public Sector?

Making Community Planning work for the people

8 Sep 2016 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Newry, Mourne and Down Council, like all councils across Northern Ireland are engaged in a process that will make community planning the integral way we do things.  

CollaborationNI Bursary Fund closed

25 Jul 2016 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Waterfront Hall, Belfast 10-11 October 2016 CollaborationNI is delighted to be managing a bursary fund from The Executive Office (TEO) for community and voluntary sector places at the Global Outcomes-Based Accountability Summit

Baptism of Fire! Supporting partnership working in Northern Ireland

2 Jun 2016 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Over the past five years CollaborationNI has supported over 1,300 organisations in Northern Ireland to work in partnership.

Whole of Government Approaches

2 Mar 2016 Andrea EganCollaborationNICollaborationNI

What is a ‘whole of government’ approach and how does it encourage collaboration between the third and public sectors?

CollaborationNI Top Marks For Providing Highly Effective Partnership Support

25 Jan 2016 Andrea EganCollaborationNICollaborationNI

Building Change Trust has published the independent evaluation of CollaborationNI Phase 2, we are delighted to have received such a postive evaluation on the bespoke service we provide.

Over 170 legal agreements later: we build robust partnerships

23 Oct 2015 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

170 legal agreements later we look at how engaging in this process builds belief in the visions of the collaboration. 

Signing up to put the consumer first

12 Oct 2015 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

CollaborationNI are delighted to have supported the development of new the ‘Consumer Rights Initiative Northern Ireland’.

Beware culture eats strategy for breakfast

5 Oct 2015 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

It takes a smart and heart approach to make collaboration work

8 Simple steps to effective partnership working

7 Sep 2015 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Partnership working is all around us! Yet as many success stories are often matched with horror stories.  From supporting over 900 organisations to work in partnership these are my reflections on how to get it right.

Mental health charities working Together for You in Northern Ireland

13 Aug 2015 CollaborationNINo Topics

In 2013, nine leading mental health organisations came together to bid for an innovative mental health and wellbeing contract funded by the Big Lottery Fund.  There was a recognition that together they could offer much more to beneficiaries.

CollaborationNI Welcomes TheatreNI

23 Apr 2015 Andrew TalbotCollaborationNICollaborationNI

A new voice for theatre and the performing arts in Northern Ireland.

Collaboration crucial to the challenges that lie ahead - Mervyn Storey MLA

21 Apr 2015 Andrea EganCollaborationNICollaborationNI

Have you ever questioned why collaboration is worth considering?

A Trip to the Dentist – Embracing the challenge of change in Northern Ireland

5 Mar 2015 CollaborationNI, Local Government ReformCollaborationNI

Working in CollaborationNI, I am constantly reminded that one of the biggest challenges facing the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors is the challenge of change.  Facing it can feel as unwanted as a trip to the dentist.

To merge or not to merge

26 Feb 2015 Andrew TalbotCollaborationNICollaborationNI

What is involved in a typical voluntary and community sector merger?If you are curious about what a voluntary and community sector merger involves, this should answer your questions.

Why some partnerships fail

12 Feb 2015 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Working in CollaborationNI-our challenge is to make partnerships work.  However, even with the best support, like with human partnerships, some fail. In the spirit of Valentine's here are some of my thoughts on why this happens.

Seven steps to success in local government reform?

9 Feb 2015 Local Government Reform, CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Focusing on something bigger! Facing the challenge of Local Government Reform in Causeway Coast and Glens with Seven Steps to Success?

Leeann Kelly speaks to Building Change Trust

17 Dec 2014 CollaborationNICollaborationNI

Leeann Kelly is Programme Coordinator at CollaborationNI, providing support to organisations who are seeking out opportunities to work together. Here she talks about why her organisation is key to successful collaborations.


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