CollaborationNI supported collaborative working across the voluntary, community and social economy sectors. Funded by the Building Change Trust, the programme was delivered by a consortium of NICVA, CO3 and Stellar Leadership.


Alliance Contracting - Building New Collaborations

Alliance Contracting, is this the answer to radically change how public services are delivered through a partnership between Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector and the Public Sector?

Making Community Planning work for the people

Newry, Mourne and Down Council, like all councils across Northern Ireland are engaged in a process that will make community planning the integral way we do things.  

CollaborationNI Bursary Fund closed

Waterfront Hall, Belfast
10-11 October 2016

CollaborationNI is delighted to be managing a bursary fund from The Executive Office (TEO) for community and voluntary sector places at the Global Outcomes-Based Accountability Summit

Baptism of Fire! Supporting partnership working in Northern Ireland

Over the past five years CollaborationNI has supported over 1,300 organisations in Northern Ireland to work in partnership.

Whole of Government Approaches

What is a ‘whole of government’ approach and how does it encourage collaboration between the third and public sectors?

Will to Give - fundraising collaboration

Sometimes a shared interest and a need for joined-up work between organisations can lead to the formation of a new VCSE organisation in order to best represent the interests of multiple member groups.       

Fermanagh House - shared premises

Fermanagh House is a social enterprise owned by the Fermanagh Trust. This case study gives an example of how VCSE organisations can come together to share space and by doing so access greater resources than any one organisation could on its own.

Parenting NI and Family Mediation Northern Ireland - working together to best support service users

This case study outlines the process undertaken by two organisations that were working collaboratively on an informal basis to develop a more strategic collaborative commitment to best support their service users.

CollaborationNI Top Marks For Providing Highly Effective Partnership Support

Building Change Trust has published the independent evaluation of CollaborationNI Phase 2, we are delighted to have received such a postive evaluation on the bespoke service we provide.

Over 170 legal agreements later: we build robust partnerships

170 legal agreements later we look at how engaging in this process builds belief in the visions of the collaboration. 

Share your COVID-19 support service information

Organisations providing support to people and communities during the COVID-19 emergency can share their service information

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